sportsbook accepts btc coinsIf your are new to online gambling or perhaps a veteran just learning about the explosive new concept of bitcoin – BTCBettingSites.com is for you. Within this detailed review and explanation regarding bitcoin gambling you will be able to see the perks and downfalls to this newly and highly popular entertainment. As a recreational player or casino affiliate, I as a pioneer and one of the original bitcoin gambling founders have provided you this comprehensive guide that provides you the “heads up” prior to joining any casino provider or service.

Bitcoin Casino Games Vs Old Casino Software Sites

Just like any other online casino bitcoin casinos offer players a huge variety of games to play. The only difference comes with the honesty within the software bitcoin casinos provide to players. Most bitcoin casinos offer casino games called provably fair gaming. This term was developed by software providers that actually is based on random mathematics in which players can literally check the results of such with verification tools larger bitcoin casino sites provide. This insures players they are getting a fair hand no matter how big or small of bet they are wagering and to insure the casino didn’t “switch a hand or card”.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

Similar to postup or credit sportsbooks, the better bitcoin sportsbooks offer members a large variety of betting opportunities and wagering events. One of the key differences however comes with the betting limits one is able to wager with. It’s known some bitcoin sportsbooks allow there anonymous guest to wager low as .01 btc and up to 50 bitcoins per wagering event. In USA Currency that is around $25,000 per game. Only a selected few postup sportsbooks located in Costa Rica offer such high or low limits per event.

With using bitcoins as your main betting method individuals are able to deposit or withdraw instantly instead of waiting for delayed tactics old school bookmakers attempt to do with you. This keeps books more transparent on how financial stable they are as your able to verify a sportsbooks bitcoin address to insure they have plenty of collateral available to pay its members. If a sportsbook refuses to do such you should not join and select a more open and transparent sportsbook.

btc sports bettingAlthough bitcoin gambling is a relatively new concept there really is no difference between older methods than the reasons I provided you above. Keep in mind its a growing industry so more games and companies are sure to pop up on a regular basis until the great outshine the simply okay operations. It’s still important to read reviews on companies prior to joining to insure they have a good reputation and a fast payment history. As I was mentioning most bitcoin gambling sites pay instantly once you request it could be a flag if they review such withdraws or deposits.

The Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Although this list is my preferred playing spots these work best for my preferred needs like deep pockets and fair gming. You will not see many casino or betting promotions available but offer nothing but the safest and most honest game play you will ever get in touch with. As an avid casino and sports betting enthusiast why would I truly want anything else?

  • Bitzino Casino – This company offers provably fair casino games with small or really large limits. I have won a fortune playing here but be warned they only offer the basic casino games.
  • Nitrogen Sportsbook – Although they were never my favorite sportsbook they have been dependable and offer a large variety of betting opportunities. They are considered by other insiders as a must have sportsbook account.
  • Just-Dice – A dice related website only offers customers a variety of wagering options where you may choose the payout percentage based upon what you roll. This website also offers provably fair gaming so you can be insured your getting a fair handshake.

How To Deposit And Withdraw Bitcoins From Wallet

Some of you are probably wondering how one would actually convert there bitcoins into a real money currency. This is actually done pretty easily and pain free. I always recommend folks use publicly known safe companies like LocalBitcoins.com in which a user is able to choose there payment method and buyer or seller at choice. Each user will have a feedback section and a history flow where you can determine if they are a right choice for you. Some of the methods of payment include Cash, Western Union, Moneygram, Check, Netspend, Amazon Cards, and other methods.

Although the IRS does not consider BTC as a real currency they do consider it as an item of property and although BTC are anonymous and one could potentially not file such earnings or items I have always believed one should pay the taxes they owe and no matter what you so choose to do that should be a personal matter but a legal one.

If you have any questions or would like me to be more specific regarding bitcoin gambling feel free to contact us and I would be happy to answer your questions.